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Dr Onkar Kulkarni is an orthopaedic surgeon who has completed his MBBS , MS orthopedics from one of the prestigious and well known universities in the country. After which he gained work experiences in government hospitals, following which he has trained under national and international pioneers of arthroscopy and arthroplasty. We hear by look forward to make your life easy. We care for our patients. We offer holistic health care Facility for our patients

Orthro Clinic is a dynamic healthcare company with a mission to bring quality orthopedic care to urban & rural communities in India. Get ready to meet the visionary behind Orthro Clinic - Dr Onkar Kulkarni MBBS , MS orthopedics, our fearless leader and Managing Director. With a passion for orthopedics and a drive to bring quality healthcare to rural India, Dr Onkar Kulkarni is making waves in the medical world. At our Orthro Clinic, we are more than just a healthcare company – we are a force for good, and Dr Onkar Kulkarni is the engine that drives us forward.

He's leading the charge to break down barriers to orthopedic care in urban & rural India and deliver top-notch services to those who need it most. With a team of highly skilled specialists by his side, Dr Onkar Kulkarni is making a real difference in the lives of urban & rural residents. If you're looking for a healthcare company that truly cares, look no further than Ortho Clinic. With Dr Onkar Kulkarni at the helm, we're making a positive impact and transforming the face of urban & rural healthcare in India.

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